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Post by DagangBuku on Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:06 pm

Buku ini merupakan salah satu buku "Best Seller" didunia, kini sudah hadir di Indonesia, dan sudah diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia.
Buku ini cocok untuk semua kalangan dalam mencari pengetahuan yang tidak anda peroleh sebelumnya

Temukan ajaran Budha seperti saat dia hidup, bukan seperti yang dinyatakan melalui buku pelajaran atau Hollywood!
Anda akan merasa ditantang dan diperlengkapi dengan lebih baik dengan informasi yang benar melalui buku ini
Judul asli : From Buddha to Jesus
By : Steve Cioccolanti
Tebal : 301 halaman
Harga : Rp. 60.000,-

What Leaders Saying :

“This book has many great insights in it… I would use it for our Bible College students.”
Dr. Wayne Cordeiro (Pastor of 10,000+ member church in Hawaii)

"A truly enlightening and informative book on Buddhism with many references and comparisons to Christianity. This book is a useful tool to reach not only Buddhists with the truth but many others confused in the plethora of religions."
Tom Inglis (President of Psalmody, former worship leader of RHEMA South Africa)

"The author not only reveals the true teachigs of Buddha, but superbly teaches many Biblical truths which are so vital for victorious Christian living."
David Pearce (missionary to Tibet)

"Since reading your book From Buddha to Jesus, I’ve been blessed by it and have passed it on to friends and missionaries who are keen on it too. My colleague in Chiang Mai is a seminary lecturer and church planter. He’s keen to get more copies so that he can encourage Thai Christians and pastors to be more pro-active in reaching the Buddhist world."
Pauline, Singapore

"Steve, I can't help but be amazed by this book... I am a Christian since I was born. I came from devoted Christian family. But after reading your book, I am so blessed knowing that our Father in heaven is an awesome God. His love is beyond my understanding. I am so moved to bless the unbeliever, for them to experience such love. Your book has opened up my horizon and understanding. It has deepen my dignity in His endless love. Thank you for allowing us to become a blessing through this book."
Ida, Editor in Indonesia

Dan masi banyak testimonial lagi....... Bisa di check di : http://www.buddhabook.org/commendations.html

Untuk pembelian dan cara pembayaran, atau silahkan hubungi :
Linny : 08159776633
email : surlinny@yahoo.com



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